Website Host Cost

Calculate the cost of hosting your static website on Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Hosting Costs

Costs will vary based on the host. Here is a general overview:

  • Cloud Providers: Usage-based pricing, you pay for resource utilization. Cost-effctive for low-medium traffice sites, and scales to the needs of larger sites.
  • VPS Providers: Fixed monthly rates, more control over resources.
  • Specialized Hosting: Free tiers for basic services, costs scale with usage.
  • PaaS Providers: Cost-effective for static sites, charges for additional services. Somtimes additional terms apply for types of content allowed.
  • Dedicated/Shared Hosting: Tiered plans, suited for a range of site sizes.
  • No/Low-Code Platforms: Subscription-based, user-friendly but potentially costly as features are added.

About Page Tool

Page Tool streamlines website management by providing a unified command line interface for hosting, deployments, and certificate management. Whether you are working with a custom domain, managing multiple static sites, or experimenting with Generative AI website building, Page Tool simplifies the process, saving time and reducing complexity.

Cost Calculation

Based on your website input, we consider the following factors for cost calculation:

  • Transfer size: The total size of data transferred when a user visits your website.
  • Number of requests per visit: The total number of requests made to fetch assets from the domain on each visit.
  • Monthly visits: The number of visits to the website in a month.
  • Website Storage: The amount of data stored for the website.

Cost Factors

A few factors help refine the cost approximation for the website:

  • Visits/month: The number of monthly visits to the website.
  • Website Storage: The amount of data stored for the website.
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