Website Management Made Easy

Rein in your web properties under a single command line interface. Streamline hosting, website deployments, and certificate management.

Deploy to Your Custom Domain Now Easier Than Ever

Your live website is described in its most essential form with a definition file, page.yml. By specifying your host, registrar, and the location of your website files -- you can go from buying a domain to a live website in 2 commands.

Run page new -- this creates your websites definition. Then page up -- this deploys your website.

Redeploy Changes Efficiently

Content-based change detection aka hash-based file tracking ensures only changed files are ever transferred to your host saving time and bandwidth. Just run page up again to redeploy your changes.

Generate Certificates and Renew Effortlessly

Certificates are provided through LetsEncrypt a free, automated, and open certificate authority brought to us by the nonprofit Internet Security Research Group (ISRG).

Certificate generation is handled by validating domain ownership through your DNS provider using DNS challenges and the Automated Certificate Management Environment (ACME).

The page up command automatically renews your certificate once its within renewal period (30 days before expiry).

Host and Registrar Agnostic

Use your preferred host and registrar. With a growing list of supported hosts and registrars, you can manage your websites regardless of your domain provider or preferred host.

Supported Hosts

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Supported Registrars

  • Namecheap

Great for Static Websites

Manage a static website made of a single index.html file, a collection of files from a static site generator, or a single page application.

Multi-Website Management Out of the Box

With Multi-Site Management built-in, you can manage multiple static websites from one interface. Each of your websites can live on seperate hosts or a single host so there is less worry about vendor lock-in or runaway costs as you scale the number of websites you manage.

Experiment with Generative AI Website Building

Builder is now included with Page tool. Generative AI is capable of incrementally writing a website through text instruction.

To get started with builder run page build. Experiment with input prompts like:

  • "let's make a simple webpage with a coming soon message."
  • "a newsletter webpage that collects emails through a single email input"

By incrementally instructing the large language model on how you want your website to look or behave, you can build simple and interactive webpages. Your website is output as a collection of files - index.html, styles.css, and script.js.

Take these files and deploy them or open them up to refine further.

System Requirements and Installation

Page Tool ships as a single binary. It is available for Linux, macOS, and Windows. The binary is a standalone executable and does not require any additional dependencies.

Installation is as simple as downloading the binary and placing it in a directory where your system can see it. The directory is typically /usr/local/bin for Linux and macOS, and C:\Windows\ for Windows.


Review all of the FAQs prior to purchase. If anything isn’t clear, just email me.

Single License

The single license is one-time payment that provides you with perpetual access to the tool, two years of software updates, a free domain name, and basic support.

What's included

  • Page Tool
  • Installation and Configuration Guide
  • Free Updates for Two Years
  • FeatureBase Access to Submit Your Feature Requests
  • Free Domain Name
  • Basic Support Included

$99USD + Tax


Invoices and receipts available for easy company reimbursement.

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